Aton Transylvania uses political blackmail and influence peddling

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A media scandal  hits  the German Chancellery in Berlin, after several internal notes and correspondence from companies Aton Transylvania (Romania) and Aton GmbH (Germany) have been made public. Following the “Wikileaks” trend,  internal documents show how the German and Romanian representatives of Aton corporation are trying to use political leadership in Germany and Romania, to fund election campaigns and manipulate the media.

Company in Romania, Aton Transylvania is heavily monitored by the Romanian intelligence services. A simple reason is the subversive activities of the company. Irrefutable proof is a national policy paper in the summer of 2009.

Of course, the document can be understood using a simple key to abbreviations:

S & S – PR and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which handles the image of Aton in Romania

X – Paul Milata, CEO of Aton Transylvania

Mr. O. – Ostaficiuc Constantin, president of the Timis County Council and chairman of the PD-L Timis

Mr M and M – Nikolaus Mann, a businessman, was associated with Aton, the latter of which have staged a diversion of funds

Varadean – Ovidiu Varadeanu,  Prima  TV correspondent in Timisoara and a shareholder in a local advertising company

Bota – Dragos Bota, a former journalist, who publishes site, writing pieces only in favor of the Aton, in order to influence investigators and case prosecutor

Mr. Brennecke – Klaus Brennecke, Consul of Germany in Timisoara

Politically, national essay makes direct reference to the possibility of financing election campaigns, and gather personal data, such as family and financial situation of political leaders but also from Bucharest Timis. Among them, Gabriel Oprea (UNPR), then defense minister, Ilie Sarbu, Geoana (then president of  PSD), Crin Antonescu, Gheorghe Ciuhandu or Valeriu Tabara.

Other actions target companies of interest to Aton Transylvania,   Ford Romania and Automobile Dacia for example, employers’ organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timisoara and its chairman, businessman Georgica Cornu. Another targets are employers’ organizations in agriculture, the main activity of Aton Transylvania. Companies are mentioned and whose image should be denigrated, they represent competition for Aton on various fields, such as the electricity company Enel.

The traffic of influence is mentioned in relation to local decision-making factors such as directors of Timis and Arad Environment Guard or Environmental Protection Agency.

The report and analysis of local and national media but also how  journalists and former journalistscould be exploited . The most sensitive statement refers to a proposal made by Paul Milata which, in a public concert to be aired manipulated images, denigrated by Nikolaus Ostaficiuc Mann and Constantine. Another extremely serious attempt unauthorized access to the archive is public television TVR to learn about the existence and possible dissemination of material relating to former associate at Aton Transylvania.

The most serious action proposed is aiming  Klaus Brennecke, consul of the German Consulate in Timisoara,  about whom Aton representatives  gathered information prior to coming to Timisoara diplomatic activity but also aiming to discredit him by collecting data about privacy and sexual orientation of the German Consul.

Above is the internal document from Aton, the full version. Only information about the author’s name, indexing and recording number of the report, on page 1 were taken out, for privacy reasons.


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