Backstage hit: Timisoara and Arad airports to merge!

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Merging the International Airport Timisoara Arad airport will take place probably in the first quarter of 2011. The announcement was made informally by himself mayor of Arad, Gheorghe Falca at one end of the year meeting with party colleagues and managers Arad major institutions controlled by the PD-L.

On December 16, 2010, Wizz Air has held a press conference in Timisoara. First attended the company’s commercial director. What was not said was that this conference was a suicide. Wizz Air moves to Arad Airport.

Seduced and harassed, the Hungarians of Wizz Air make Falca a gift of two airports.
Seduced and harassed, the Hungarians of Wizz Air make Falca a gift of two airports.

Commercial Director of Wizz Air, Gyorgy Abran, said the operator of low-cost air carrier is successful in Timisoara. Centralized data related to work Airport “Traian Vuia show an increase in the number of passengers carried by 37.2%. Behind this growth lies in fact, the company’s intention to move from the one in Arad Timisoara airport.

“We are one of the few airlines that, in times of crisis, we had a steady growth. We are market leaders in low-cost market in Central and Eastern Europe. Also, in Romania took first place at the end of the year we will reach two million passengers, “said Gyorgy Abran, commercial director at the Hungarian air operator.

Currently, Wizz Air operates three bases in Romania: in Cluj, Bucharest and Timisoara. Hub in Timisoara was last opened by the Hungarian company and the success is obvious. Between December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010, the total number of passengers were transported by Wizz Air to and from the Airport “Traian Vuia Timisoara exceeded 365,000 passengers. For some years this situations bothers Wizzair’s direct competition in Timisoara, Carpatair. The two companies have some common destinations, the Hungarian company taking segment of potential customers from Carpatair. Moreover, Carpatair has tried for several years to push Wizz Air out of the  Timisoarabairport.

Commercial Director of Wizz Air, Gyorgy Abran, talked about opening more routes and destinations of the company but was hesitant to make public the company’s plans regarding the gallery. According to him, the company is not considering expanding the number of operated flights or destinations available from Timisoara, only if the market will require. Elusive, he said that “everything is related to time and demand. Here we opened the last commercial in Romania, based on what market will require and how will we grow and the traffic market operated in Timisoara”.

For Carpatiar’s joy, whose perseverance has paid off, Wizz Air will sign a contract these days for operating at the Arad Airport and will leave the gallery in Timisoara. Even if it was not until March 31, 2011, the contract between Wizz Air and Airport of Timisoara expires , WizzAir and Arad Airport new contract will come into force on 1 January 2011. Carpatair is to be blamed for Hungarians leaving. Carpatiar had several informal trade conflicts with Wizz Air and has lobbied the Ministry of Transport but also to the relevant European forums. Many blame the current leadership of the Timis County and Timisoara Airport manager,  Cornel Samartinean, who imposed the maximum operating rates for Wizz Air, with all that he knew much more relaxed financial offer those of Arad.

Timis County Council President Constantin Ostaficiuc is desperate the operator with most passengers is leaving Timisoara Airport. Deliberately losing Timisoara Airport as about 400 000 passengers move to the Arad airport. This assumption is expected by the mayor of Arad, Gheorghe Falca, and tacitly agreed by Transport Minister Anca Boagiu. Since Wizz Air moving to Arad, the merger of the two airports is a logistical necessity, beyond the local ambitions. That is exactly what  Gheroghe Falca wanted  a year ago, while Constantin Otsfaiciuc and Cornel Samartinean did nothing to convince to stay Wizz Air in Timisoara, but instead they made the company go through the imposition of maximum charges to operate from Timisoara .

False Reporting to receive state aid

Timisoara Airport Director Cornel Samartinean modified  reports regarding total number of passengers during 2010. In reports prior to this number of passengers was below one million each time. The reason is simple: with a figure below one million passengers, airports in Timisoara, Suceava and Cluj receiving financial aid from the Romanian state, totaling 240 million euros.

Cornel Samartinean, alone outside Schengen. With talent, he puts shoulder to the bankruptcy of the airport he runs.
Cornel Samartinean, alone outside Schengen. With talent, he puts shoulder to the bankruptcy of the airport he runs.

After the scandals of non-Schengen terminal and the departure of Wizz Air in Timisoara airport director in November 2010 recognized that the number of passengers exceeds one million people passing through. Thus, Timisoara airport  loses state financial aid. To this situation contributed Carpatair, who lodged a complaint with the European Commission, which suspended  state aid to the airport in Timisoara.


3 Replies to “Backstage hit: Timisoara and Arad airports to merge!”

  1. There is no official statement for this change: WizzAir moving from Timisoara to Arad. Only rumors. Can you please quote your sources?

  2. It is al least strange to even kindly ask to quote the sources. Their protection is one of the keys of investigating an economy story with a high jack-pot like this one.
    It may seem to lack credibility, but soruce protection comes first. It seems that you have pretty good knowledge of what are WizzAir’s plans if you state so firmly that “there is no official statement for this change: Wizzair mobing from Timisoara to Arad”.
    From a legal point of view a journalist cannot be obliged/forced to reveal the soruces.
    Short legal quote:
    “1 December 2010
    The protection of journalists’ sources
    Committee on Culture, Science and Education
    Rapporteur: Mr Morgan JOHANSSON, Sweden, Socialist Group
    The protection of journalists’ sources of information is a basic condition for both the full exercise of
    journalistic work and the right of the public to be informed on matters of public concern. In a large number of
    cases, public authorities have forced, or attempted to force, journalists to disclose their sources, despite the
    clear standards set by the European Court of Human Rights and the Committee of Ministers of the Council of
    The disclosure of information identifying a source should therefore be limited to exceptional circumstances
    where vital public or individual interests are at stake and can be convincingly established. The confidentiality
    of journalists’ sources must not be compromised by the increasing technological possibilities for public
    authorities to control the use by journalists of mobile telecommunication and Internet media. Member states
    which do not have legislation specifying the right of journalists not to disclose their sources of information
    should pass such legislation in accordance with the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and
    the Committee of Ministers’ recommendations.
    1 Reference” – full link

    Regarding the case of corruption on government level towards Timisoara and Arad airports, the information in the article is checked according to professional standards and confirmed by authorities in commercial aviation.
    The article does not refere to a certain date WizzAir will effectively start moving planes and pasangers on Arad airport, but their firm intention to sign a contract wiht Arad airport this month.
    Kind Regards,
    Mircea Opris

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