German Ambassador protects fraudsters from AtonTransilvania

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Andreas von Mettenheim, Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador to Bucharest, visited Timisoara on Friday and Saturday (10/11 December 2010). On his the agenda were visits to two of the most controversial German investment in Romania: Continental Automotive Timisoara Romania and Aton Transilvania in Carani.

Continental is facing a scandal concerning the pollution of factory tires because of Timisoara, while Transylvania Aton is the center of a scandal on diversion by German investors tens of millions of euros of EU money.

Paul Milata
Paul Milata

This, in the context of the European Anti-Fraud Office in Brussels and Anti-Fraud Department of the Government of Romania investigating evasion of nearly 40 million euros from EU SAPARD funds.  Under investigation is Aton GmbH group of German companies in the city of Fulda, that has made a veritable octopus of companies they managed to seize huge amount meant, ironically, the Romanian agriculture revitalization.

Sources within OLAF in Brussels have said that behind the group Aton GmbH German investors would be seven, of which at least four are former intelligence officers of the services of former West Germany. Aton GmbH has established a network of firms in Romania, the agriculture has hijacked the EU SAPARD funds. They have already used the method by which they purchased dedicated equipment and other goods from one company to another, and then merged by absorption into other companies, also owned by Aton GmbH, but that did not meet eligibility criteria. Moreover, as reported functional objectives financed by SAPARD, but that does not work today.

Just as the U.S. ambassador was taken to visit the Procter & Gamble plant in Timisoara, for a “simulation” of production, in the context in which the subsidiary was not in working order, and the German ambassador was taken to Carani. Here historian Paul Milata, CEO Aton Transilvania, German diplomat presented his production of flour obtained from other mills, but in any case from the mill number 5, that was built on SAPARD funds, for the simple reason that it is incomplete and that equipment does not work for technical reasons.

Andreas von Mettenheim
Andreas von Mettenheim

Did Ambassador Andreas von Mettenheim let himself fooled? Definitely not. It is well known that the investment of 30 million euros of EU money from Carani mill is a hoax. Moreover, Germany’s ambassador lied, saying he does not want to comment on the case of the Aton, which is one legal complications, which is why, last Saturday, he was going to see with his own eyes Caran Aton investment, which came to Timisoara to inform, not knowing looks.

The ambassador did not know the work and lied about his lack of information about Aton investment. According to  SRI (The Romanian Information Service), Romanian Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara, had a meeting with German Ambassador in Bucharest,  a month and a half ago. The minister wanted to make an official exchange of information about where the company just Aton Andreas von Mettenheim at his office in the German Embassy. To the surprise of the Romanian minister, von Mettenheim welcomed into the office with Paul Milata, CEO of Aton Transilvania, and recommended that Milata is a reliable man and a manager with high skills. In conclusion, the German ambassador knew very well what Aton Transylvania, as it was informed or misinformed by Paul Milata long before the visit to Saturday at Carani.

Here, exclusively, the false official statement that the German Ambassador said that he just wants to visit  the ATON plant to see what is Aton Transilvania, although in October the Romanian intelligence services had official confirmation of the relationship between him and CEO of Aton Transilvania, Paul Milata.

In the next episode about a ghost-mill of 30 million euros investment and about Transilvania Aton put consumers’ health at risk by selling wheat below the standards of quality and its content without certifications.


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