Hamilton inaugurated a global software development hub in Timișoara

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Hamilton Central Europe, a member of the Hamilton group, inaugurated yesterday in
Timișoara the new global software development hub. Specializing in the development
of automated liquid handling platforms, it is located in the Iulius Town business
center and will contribute to the Hamilton Robotics division’s software solutions.
Less than half a year after the announcement of the investment, Hamilton Central Europe
inaugurated yesterday, together with partners and team members, the new software
development hub.

“It is a real joy for us that in the year in which we are celebrating the first 10 years of activity in
Romania, we are also inaugurating this new investment, which is added to the others, from this year: the development of the Sheet Metal Processing department, one of the most performing at the moment and the expansion of the factory in Giarmata, which will be completed in November. This hub, through the software solutions it will develop, will contribute to Hamilton’s mission of innovating to improve people’s lives. ”, said Ciprian Ractei, Director General of Hamilton Central Europe.
The new software development hub is located in the Iulius Town business center and has a
modern office space and a Hamilton Venus software testing laboratory, which the Romanian
specialists are developing together with the teams in Reno (Nevada, USA) and Bonaduz
(Graubünden, Switzerland).
“The establishment of the software development center in Timiș is a very important step in
Hamilton’s strategy to strengthen its software offer for its customers. I am pleased that
outstanding software development specialists have joined us in this important project, and I
look forward to meeting those who will form the next scrum teams.” said Jean-Claude
Lugeon, Senior Project Leader at Hamilton Bonaduz AG.
“I congratulate you on the inauguration of the software development hub in Timisoara. The
investment you make in cutting-edge technologies and in attracting top specialists
strengthens Timișoara’s position in this exclusive development sector. The expansion of the
Hamilton company in Timișoara is a strong signal of optimism and confidence in the future
of our city – the most dynamic city in Romania”, said the mayor of Timișoara, Dominic Fritz.
The Robotics Division of Hamilton Group, a leading innovator in laboratory automation,
develops and manufactures automated liquid handling instruments used in hospitals,
laboratories and other research institutions around the world.
Hamilton’s Venus software, developed from the new global hub, enables users to program
and control liquid handling instruments such as the Hamilton STAR, STAR V, VANTAGE
and Nimbus. In addition, Venus software optimizes the innovative MagPip pipetting
technology available on the STAR V and VANTAGE, which is capable of running volumes
between 350 nanoliters and 750 microliters and is designed to increase run speed.
The tools made by the Robotics division excel in automating multiple applications, both for
life sciences and analytical sciences: from genomics, cell biology, drug discovery
applications, nucleic acid extraction, automated PCR setup, blood fractionation, sample
preparation etc., to complex biobanking workflow solutions.


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