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The Poetry Pharmacy is an independent website of  Mircea Opris, former PSD/CT operator, former investigative journalist, former counterterrorism analyst for COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank.

This website is dedicated to personal opinions on current issues in arts, daily life, travel, environment, security and any other matters of interest.

Let to words and images flow…

The website was originally dedicated to produce original investigations, analysis and reports about significant public issues to make institutional power more transparent and accountable. The investigations published aim to be as professional and accurate as possible and to touch the most sensitive issues, based on the idea of producing investigative materials in the public interest.

Also, there are articles meant to provide accurate and actionable intelligence about potential security threats throughout the world, mainly about terrorism and organised crime in the Europe and the Balkans, but also in other parts of the world. With a multilingual team of researchers and analysts, the Monitoring Center gathers and provides intelligence on terrorist activities and plans, information on international hot-spots, historical “red-flag” dates, and real-time security alerts.

Mircea Opris started working as a journalist in 1994, as reporter and photographer for local and regional newspaper in Timisoara, Romania. He worked as a reporter for the wetern regional editions of Evenimentul Zilei and Ziua daily newspapers. As a 1998 Alumnus, he holds a BA diploma in Journalism from the Univeristy of the West, in Timisoara, Romania. In 1999 he graduated from the World Press Institute, Macalester College, USA, specialized in Amercan Studies and Investigative Techniques (coordinator John Ullmann, winner of 1990 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting). Opris investigated and reported on ethnic Roma criminal networks from Romania in Italy, Germany, Ireland as well as investigations on December 1989 events in Timisoara, Romania. He is a stringer of the Associated Press Bucharest bureau for Western Romania. In cooperation with the BBC, Central and Eastern Europe Bureau, he realized investigations and reports about prostitution and human trafficking networks from Romania and the Balkans to Western Europe. Also, together with BBC, he finalized an investigation about the involvement of Romanian and foreign intelligence services in December 1989 events in Timisoara. Starting August 2008 he works as a full-time reporter for Jurnalul Naţional daily. In 2009, he started an investigation about child trafficking masked as intercountry adoption, an ongoing project about the involvement  of Romanian, German, French, Italian and Spanish politicians in this phenomena. Mircea Opris has published in various newspapers and magazines in Romania, Slovenia, Great Britain, USA and the Philippines.

In 2011, Mircea Opris graduated from the The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at Saint Andrews University, UK. As a counterterrorism analyst, he is founder of the Romanian-based COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank, dealing with counterterrorism, money laundering and organized crime monitoring. Mircea Opris is also founder of the Eastern European Counterterrorism Initiative, an international network of professionals in the field of counterterrorism, focused on Eastern Europe, the Balkans and North Africa.


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