I would have been nothing without him

Today is January 24th. My friend would have been 80 years old, but God called him to Heaven.

My friend was one of my menthors and I only had a few. Very few but very strong. And I am proud for such a friend and life teacher, who taught me not only journalism, but the meaning and secrets of Life.

My friend taught me about the Good and the Evil and how to make the differences.

And my friend, just as his legacy was from Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa or Indira Gandhi, taught me that the helping hand and saving a life is far nmore important than anything in life. He saved my life when I lost it, and gave me back my life and hope. I am as grateful today, as I was back in 1995 when he was the Magician I owe my life and shall be grateful all my life.

And from such a friend, in who’s veins run Indian blood, I learnt to always stand up and fight, with the courage and pride of the American Indian Warriors!


American journalist Harry W. Morgan, who interviewed Mother Teresa, John F. Kennedy and Indira Gandhi and taught generations of journalists their art, died on October 31, 2007,  in the western Romanian city of Timisoara, his son Benny said. He was 73.

During an almost 50-year journalism career working for Reader’s Digest, Morgan traveled to more than 100 countries and interviewed numerous presidents and personalities, among them Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Elvis Presley and Ernest Hemingway.

In 1961, he founded the World Press Institute, which provides fellowships for foreign journalists from around the world to spend time living and working in the United States. He also founded the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, which promotes cultural exchanges around the world.
Morgan moved to Romania in 1994, when the Romanian government invited him to assist in the development of journalism schools at the universities of Bucharest, Sibiu and Timisoara.
For the past 11 years he had lived in Timisoara, in western Romania, where he taught at the university and set up a journalism club. He was made an honorary citizen of the city.

Morgan first came to Romania in the 1970s, when he met and interviewed communist president Nicolae Ceausescu. His visit resulted in the setting-up of Romanian-American cultural exchanges, for which he was awarded Romania’s Cultural Merit distinction.

God Bless Your Soul, Harry!

God bless your family and friends!

The legacy never dies!




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  1. Harry was my cousin and I loved him very much. Thank you for the article – my mother was his aunt and I had not realized he died on my mothers birthday. He also did the service at my mothers funeral. I did get to distribute his ashes in the Pacific with my family and his 3 son’s close to where we did his mother’s ashes.

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